The Process

Any collections receivable process is only as good as the people, process and technology that support it. The LegalStream Legal Solution is built upon these principals.  For this reason, the LegalStream Solution has carefully designed a process for servicing and outsourcing collection receivables collection litigation, providing a seamless transition from call center strategies to collection litigation without the loss of time and any diminution in data.

While the client outsourcing process modified to fit specific client needs, the following is a sampling of the strategies that are applied:

  • Account scoring:  Each account is evaluated and scored to determine suit worthiness
  • Pre-Legal Strategies:  Pre-legal strategies are utilized consistent with Federal and State law to provide new account treatment and increase pre-suit liquidation rates
  • Account segregation:  Each account is filtered through other data filters to segregate accounts based upon primary asset information, such as employment, home ownership or other assets
  • Law Firm pre-qualification: Accounts worthy for suit are only placed with experienced qualified collection law firms around the country

Daily maintenance uploads:  Status codes, maintenance files and financial files are updated on a daily basis or consistent with client guidelines